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Ansible For Kubernetes By Examples book, authored by Luca Berton, and published by Apress (Springer Nature Information Technology specialist) is going to be released soon in the best libraries and online bookshops.

Who This Book Is For

IT professionals of the information technology who would like a jargon-free understanding of Ansible technology, including Kubernetes, Linux, and Windows Systems Administrators, DevOps professionals, thought leaders, and infrastructure-as-code enthusiasts.

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Learn how to automate your Kubernetes infrastructure using Ansible. This book will enable you to automate more tasks and save time with this human-readable platform.

Augment your productivity by applying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) as part of infrastructure and operations (I&O) in your multi/hybrid cloud modern infrastructure. Containerized microservices deployed via Kubernetes allow you to save time, reduce human interaction and errors and create more robust world-scale cloud-native applications. Learn how to automate the most redundant activities such as reports, services, launching a pod, adding permanent storage, configuring load balancing, and adding or modifying any Kubernetes parameter. You’ll also look at end-to-end use cases and how advanced cluster automation (Helm packages and plugins, node states, etc.) is moving forward. Each lesson utilizes a specific use case for the modern Kubernetes cluster and focuses on a single module from the most crucial parameter with code demonstrations and real-life usage. Each code example is battle-proven in real-life with console interaction and verification.

What Will You Learn

  • How to automate Kubernetes pods, services, and storage with Ansible
  • Learn to automate Kubernetes cluster management with Ansible
  • How to automate Kubernetes cloud services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Ansible
  • Understand Ansible troubleshooting

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Published 11th May 2023

Table Of Contents

Shelve in Category: Cloud Computing

User level: Intermediate to Advanced

8 chapters:

  • Modern IT Infrastructure and Hello App (Pages 1-25)
  • Ansible Language Code (Pages 27-61)
  • Ansible for Containers (Pages 63-85)
  • Ansible for K8s Tasks (Pages 87-168)
  • Ansible for K8s Data Plane (Pages 169-199)
  • Ansible for K8s Management (Pages 201-237)
  • Ansible for Kubernetes Cloud Providers (Pages 239-260)
  • Ansible for Enterprise (Pages 261-276)


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